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Pal Serwis


Pal Serwis


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Internal BPM app for employees


January 2024





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About Client
Founded in 1999 "Pal Serwis" has emerged as the leading and most reputable entity in the field of pallet trading in the northeastern part of Poland. With an extensive network of delivery and collection points the company has strategically positioned itself to cater to the local market's demands effectively. Over the years, Pal Serwis has expanded its horizons and is now open to collaboration with local, national, and international partners. The company's success is underpinned by its commitment to reliability, quality and predictability, as evidenced by its wealth of experience and numerous client references.
About the project

The aim of the application was to create a system that streamlines the internal processes of a complex organization like Pal Serwis. This application serves as a prototype designed to introduce digitalization within the company, systematize existing processes, and lay a solid foundation for the development of a dedicated system built using traditional programming methods.

Previously, the company relied on paper-based solutions to exchange crucial information among employees about current orders. With the new application, Pal Serwis can now track the entire process from production to delivery in real time. The application includes functionalities such as managing a customer database, monitoring product inventory across all warehouses, tracking the company's finances, facilitating purchasing, and assigning custom tasks to other employees from managerial-level users.

Clients Problem

The client needed a system that would eliminate the practice of storing order data on paper and emails to streamline various processes within the company and facilitate continuous monitoring of operations as well as communication among employees.

From the outset, Pal Serwis emphasized the responsiveness of the application across both desktop and mobile devices, including tablets and phones. Another important consideration in selecting the technology was the turnaround time, which was desired to be minimized for the client's convenience. The application was primarily intended to serve as a fully functional prototype designed to address the aforementioned company processes, promote digitalization among employees, and develop frameworks and algorithms to streamline existing processes.

Consequently, we opted to build the application using low-code solutions and integrate them with the necessary tools to execute additional functionalities, such as generating a PDF document confirming the product dispatch by Pal Serwis. Utilizing these solutions enabled us to deliver the application as quickly as possible, ensure compatibility with the required device types, and provide functionalities tailored to various user roles within the system.

Challenges for 2N
  • Adapting to Diverse User Roles: Designing the application to cater to a wide range of user types, from drivers and warehouse staff to executive-level roles, ensuring a tailored and intuitive user experience for each.
  • Ensuring Multi-Device Compatibility: Developing a responsive application compatible with various devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones to meet Pal Serwis's emphasis on accessibility and usability across platforms.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Leveraging low-code development tools allowed us to expedite the application's development as swiftly as possible while ensuring the retention of functionality and quality.
  • Advanced Functionality and Integration: Implementing additional functionalities such as PDF document generation for product dispatch confirmations, and integrating them seamlessly within the application to meet Pal Serwis's specific operational requirements.
What we did

Integration of Low-Code Solutions

We seamlessly integrated low-code tools to accelerate the development process. This approach allowed for swift prototyping and testing, ensuring the application's functionality aligned with Pal Serwis's operational needs.

Customized Process Management

We tailored the application to manage and track various company processes effectively. This included functionalities such as real-time tracking of deliveries, financial monitoring, and task allocation from roles like the CEO to other employees. These customizations aimed to enhance operational efficiency and streamline internal communication.

Multi-Device Compatibility

To meet Pal Serwis's emphasis on accessibility, we developed a responsive application compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This ensured that all users, regardless of their device, could access the application smoothly, enhancing user experience and facilitating broader use within the company.

Multi-User Role Functionality

We designed the application to accommodate and interact with seven distinct user roles within Pal Serwis, each with unique functionalities and interfaces tailored to their specific responsibilities. This approach ensured a customized and intuitive user experience for every user type, enhancing the application's versatility and adaptability to the company's diverse operational requirements.

Dynamic User Interface

We developed a dynamic user interface within the application that adapts to the specific needs and roles of each of the seven distinct user types at Pal Serwis. This customization ensured that each user has access to the functionalities most relevant to their responsibilities, optimizing user engagement and productivity across the board.


Through our collaboration with Pal Serwis, we delivered a dynamic, fully functional prototype application that promptly addressed their pressing operational challenges and set the stage for future growth and technological development. By leveraging low-code development tools, we simplified the complexities of system development and enabled Pal Serwis to integrate customized functionalities specific to their diverse user roles. This facilitated a smooth transition to the new digital system and provided a solid foundation for ongoing business development.

The integration of the advanced functionalities and the multi-user role interface not only streamlined operations but also positioned Pal Serwis for continued efficiency improvements and process optimization. The application's responsiveness and compatibility across various devices, along with the tailored features for each user type, have significantly enhanced operational efficiency and employee productivity within the company.

Furthermore, the application serves as a prototype designed to systematize existing processes and lay a solid foundation for the development of a dedicated system built using traditional programming methods. This approach has streamlined operations and enhanced the company's readiness for future technological advancements.

What we accomplished:
  • Created a tailored application addressing Pal Serwis's specific operational needs.
  • Developed a multi-role user interface to accommodate seven distinct user roles, enhancing functionality and user-specific customization.
  • Engineered responsive design for compatibility across all devices, ensuring accessibility and usability in line with Pal Serwis's standards.
  • Integrated advanced functionalities for real-time tracking, financial monitoring, and task management, increasing efficiency.
  • Utilized low-code tools to fast-track development while maintaining high functionality and quality.
  • Automated data management for extensive databases, ensuring data accuracy, security, and accessibility.
  • Streamlined documentation processes to automatically generate detailed transaction and communication documents, boosting efficiency and accuracy.
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