About Us
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Who are we

2n is a Software House, specialized in enterprise solutions.

We believe that any complex problem could be solved easily if only we can sit together, and track all the reasons that make it "complex".

Our team is passionate about what we do, loves to learn new technologies and is always excited to get knowledge from new business domains.

Our approach
Agile Methodology
We embrace the Agile framework, known for its iterative and flexible approach to application development, which helps us to stay aligned with evolving client needs.
Effective Communication
We believe that transparent and clear communication not only facilitates flexible project management but also serves as a proactive measure to prevent issues.
Ruby Focus
Our specialization in Ruby language, supported by 10+ years of experience, equips us with deep subject knowledge and ensures we stay up-to-date with tech innovations.
Automation and Standardization
Our development process places a strong emphasis on code standardization and automation, resulting in accelerated processes and improved code quality.
Team Building
Our focus on team building revolves around employee growth, continuous learning, and open communication. Each of our developers is as strong as the whole team.
Quality Assurance
We maintain our dedication to quality through meticulous code review and comprehensive testing.
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