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Jones Lang LaSalle
Real Estate
Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, or JLL, is a leading global real estate and investment management firm. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, JLL operates in over 80 countries, offering a wide range of services including brokerage, property management, corporate solutions, investment management, and advisory services. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, JLL is dedicated to delivering superior results for clients worldwide, utilizing its deep market knowledge, innovative technologies, and strategic insights.
Tourism, Sports
LocalCaddie is a company that saw a local problem and a way to resolve in a more global scale. The project scale was just an MVP but with great perspectives. It was developed in under 6 weeks! Click to Read More!
Song of the Goat Theatre Association has organized numerous arts and education initiatives focused on children and teenagers. Throughout more than 10 editions of the Brave Kids Festival, the festival has gathered hundreds of participating young artists from around the globe. Brave Kids Festival is an original creative work model, enabling children and young people to develop their talents and collaborate artistically freely.
Bicycle Servicing and Repair
Bike-Space is a medium-sized company based in Białystok, specializing in comprehensive servicing and repair of bicycles adapted to both recreational and professional riding. The company's primary focus is on providing exceptional service, the Bike-Space team strives to ensure that each cyclist receives the highest care and attention that their bike deserves. Whether you are a weekend rider or a competitive athlete, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.
Ubrania do Oddania
Ubrania Do Oddania is an innovative NSG project that is changing the textile market, promoting the idea of circularity and second life. Founded in 2018 by Zofia Zochniak and Tomasz Bocian, the project started as a fundraising platform, currently being developed in many directions.
Sports social network app
The platform offers a sporty twist on traditional social media, created by athletes for athletes. It enables students to share their match scores, personal records, and statistics across various sports, while also providing a space for them to connect and chat with other players. A leaderboard encourages players to compete and regularly post their scores and results. Additionally, the platform provides provides high school, college and club coaches the opportunity to scout promising recruits and connect with their students. Although initially developed with lacrosse in mind, the platform supports a multitude of different sports and disciplines.
Pal Serwis
Pallet Trading and Logistics
Founded in 1999 "Pal Serwis" has emerged as the leading and most reputable entity in the field of pallet trading in the northeastern part of Poland. With an extensive network of delivery and collection points the company has strategically positioned itself to cater to the local market's demands effectively. Over the years, Pal Serwis has expanded its horizons and is now open to collaboration with local, national, and international partners. The company's success is underpinned by its commitment to reliability, quality and predictability, as evidenced by its wealth of experience and numerous client references.
Real Estate
CustomEase is an internal system that helps to manage the company's workflow. It is a tool that allowed the clients company to organize their workflows and data better, while also having a multi tenancy system, allowing them to sell the same tool as a product for other, similar companies. CustomEase is a powerful tool that helps streamline business processes and improves overall workflow, while also being a product to sell.
Polish Clinical Trials Network
Health Care
PCTN (PSBK in polish) is a complex CMS system for presenting information about ongoing events and clinical trials for medical facilities and science teams. It is a supplementary application for a bigger system focused around data science and monitoring ongoing clinical trials.
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