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9 years
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About Client
Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, or JLL, is a leading global real estate and investment management firm. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, JLL operates in over 80 countries, offering a wide range of services including brokerage, property management, corporate solutions, investment management, and advisory services. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, JLL is dedicated to delivering superior results for clients worldwide, utilizing its deep market knowledge, innovative technologies, and strategic insights.
About the project

The goal was to create a completely new application tailored to the specific requirements of the branch and systematized the way data was stored and processed. Recognizing the necessity for innovation and efficiency, the primary objective was to engineer a wholly novel application customized to address the unique needs and challenges faced by the branch.

At the base of the project was the need to improve data management processes, thereby changing the way information is stored, shared, and processed. By implementing a systematic approach, the project aimed not only to increase operational efficiency but also to improve overall data quality. The project aimed to empower JLL to not only meet but surpass industry standards, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the real estate consulting sector.

Clients Problem

The client was expanding its business with a new service: the aggregation and reporting of highly complex and time-sensitive analytical data on the property market in the area of houses and flats. Existing tools for processing such complex data were outdated, inconvenient, and, above all, did not offer all the required functionalities. They were also not adequately prepared for this market segment.

The customer therefore needed a team that would analyse the exact needs and model the processes and data together with the relevant customer department. The next step was to design the database architecture and the application itself. Once the designed functionality was approved, a team was then needed to be able to implement the application in a relatively short period, which would be prepared for the changes resulting from the dynamically changing market and which could be extended with new functionalities if a new department of the company started to develop and identify new needs.

Challenges for 2N
  • Developed a deep understanding of the client's real estate market expertise which was crucial for building a specialized application that effectively addressed client's needs.
  • Creation of dedicated tools based on online maps, with a complexity exceeding existing solutions.
  • Processing and handling large volumes of multi-layered data with a detailed change history and version control.
  • Ensured optimal application performance for 9 years while minimizing client costs.
  • Proactive knowledge sharing and documentation to ensure seamless project progression.
What we did

Design and implementation of a data model

We have streamlined projects progression tracking and sales monitoring by designing comprehensive investment forms. By thoroughly incorporating the relationship between the entered data, statuses and project states, we have automated a significant part of the investment management workload, freeing up the team to focus on higher-value activities.

Reporting and data analysis

We have empowered users to generate extensive, personalized, and precise reports containing investment data. By doing so, we have facilitated further data processing outside the system, allowing users to focus on key aspects of analysis and reporting. Additionally, our platform facilitates data visualization through interactive maps with tagging, descriptions, and secure document storage for a holistic view of investment data.

In-depth property market analysis

We have implemented and continue to develop functionality for monitoring changes in the history of units going through various stages of development, enabling in-depth analysis of property market trends.

Support in documenting business processes and system design

Our team has worked closely with clients to understand their business needs and requirements. Leveraging this in-depth understanding, we craft business process models that seamlessly align with our application's functionalities. This approach allows for close collaboration between the client and our team in planning system development.

Smooth communication with the customer

For nine years, effective communication has been a cornerstone of our successful collaboration with the client. This open approach ensures we can provide regular progress updates, address any client suggestions or needs promptly, and offer immediate assistance with any challenges. By keeping the client fully informed and engaged, we foster a sense of trust and confidence that their requirements remain our top priority.

The client received a tool supporting the current work and development of the department for the last 9 years of cooperation. During this time, the client did not have to worry about programming competencies or managing the team responsible for system development. Measurable delivery of new functionalities and continuous improvement of the already implemented ones allowed the client to expand the department supported by the system and the range of services it offers, which translated into generated profits.
What we accomplished:
  • 9 years of application maintenance and development
  • Aggregation of real estate market data
  • Generation personalized real estate market reports
  • Tools for in-depth analysis of market trends
  • Support for the development of the analytical team and the client's range of services
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