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4 months
Implementation Time
Medical Facilities
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About Client
Transition Technologies Science is a dynamic and rapidly growing company established from Transition Technologies S.A.'s longstanding R&D department. The company specializes in research and development endeavors focusing on medical IT and artificial intelligence. Their expertise lies in developing specialized software tailored for hospitals, laboratories, and medical professionals. This software supports diagnostic and therapeutic processes, aids in calculations, generates statistics, analyzes medical data, and monitors treatment quality. Notably, Transition Technologies Science's software stands out for its incorporation of the latest technologies and modern design aesthetics. Leveraging years of experience in creating advanced analytical tools, the company consistently delivers systems that enhance the quality of medical treatment.
About the project

The project for which we became a subcontractor concerned the creation of a portal whose main task was to present information about ongoing clinical trials at PCTN member centers in the most ergonomic way possible for Medical Research Agency employees and Polish Clinical Trials Network (PCTN) members.

In addition, the PCTN portal was to enable the exchange of knowledge, and experience and provide a platform for communication between the Signatories of the Agreement on the establishment of the PCTN.

Clients Problem

TTSI was tasked by the Medical Research Agency with developing an ICT system to enable the management of electronic patient observation charts, allowing the collection and storage of information on trial participants required by the clinical trial protocol.

The assignment was well within TTSI's area of expertise, but part of it was the creation of a portal to act as a source of information on ongoing clinical trials within the research agency's operations. As it is not within the client's scope of work to develop such portals, the client approached us to collaborate on its creation.

Challenges for 2N
  • Tight and inflexible deadline.
  • Difficult task prioritization.
  • Communication had to be very swift and precise, while also accounting for numerous people involved from all sides.
  • Very strict security requirements, for hosting application and storing data in particular way, including concerns about physical location of data.
  • Preparing non-standard monitoring and reporting system.
  • Providing very comprehensive documentation and instructions for practical users and IT administrators of the application.
What we did

Streamlining User Permissions

Our team implemented a four-level role structure in the PCTN portal,enabling efficient user permission management. Unregistered users can enjoy selected sites, while registered users gain additional functionalities such as document editing and PDF generation. User managers,and IT System Administrators, are able to oversee content modification and ensure secure portal access.

Portal Infrastructure Setup and Management

The PCTN portal was designed with distinct sections for different user roles, including public access for non-registered users, logged-in user access, and an administrative section for managing and administering the portal. Thanks to the designed architecture and technologies in developing the PCTN we allowed for swift future expansion of its functionalities through additional modules, plug-ins, or partial modifications of the source code.

Graphic Interface Design for PCTN Portal

Our team designed the PCTN portal's graphical interface, presenting three proposals that captured the institution's identity. We ensured accessibility features for users with partial disabilities and meticulously integrated links and tabs as per client specifications. The layouts were optimized for responsiveness, with special versions for mourning and holidays. Intuitive navigation elements were implemented for easy user guidance.

Efficient Management Panel

Our team implemented a management panel for the PCTN portal, enabling smooth administrative control and data management. We equipped the IT system administrator with tools for form verification and automated approval. Additionally, we developed reporting functions for quarterly and annual summaries as per client guidelines, ensuring secure file management and encryption.

IT toolset

While giving the system for the client usage, we signed a contract to maintain it for the future, but at the same time, there was an internal IT team that was handling the servers, domains, and physical infrastructure of the servers. They have requested a set of tools to monitor the system, and we provided solutions and instructions for them how to handle the backend of the application.

Flexible CMS with modern frontend

A custom and modern CMS solution was needed to manage an extensive portion of the application. We created a CMS that allowed the client to manage the most important parts of the application, without our involvement. At the same time, the results of the CMS had to be good looking and present the content in a modern fashion.


With health care industry, accessibility is a big concern and an important detail. We made sure that the application was accessible to people with disabilities. We made sure that the application was usable with screen readers, and that the contrast was good enough for people with vision problems.

Our team successfully implemented the management panel requirements for the PCTN portal, ensuring smooth administrative control and robust data management capabilities. This involved enabling the IT system administrator to monitor, moderate, and verify form submissions, with approved entries automatically posted. Additionally, we developed features for generating comprehensive reports and provided the administrator tools for viewing, filtering, and exporting log data, managing user accounts, and assigning permissions.
What we accomplished:
  • Implemented a feature-rich portal that met all specified, often unusual or rare, requirements within the strict deadline
  • Comprehensive role-based access management system
  • Secure access to portal functions for different user roles
  • Multiple integrated map functionalities with controls for handling business logic on the map
  • Implemented thorough, custom reporting system
  • Designed and integrated user-friendly interfaces for seamless navigation and interaction across different devices
  • Provided detailed documentation and custom tools for application maintenance and monitoring
  • Provided a robust CMS for managing the application's content
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