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Local Caddie: Golfer, caddie, and golf course connection platform
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Local Caddie Ltd.


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February 2024


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Local Caddie: how it works
Core Modules
Weeks of work
About the project

LocalCaddie is a company that saw a local problem and a way to resolve in a more global scale.

LocalCaddie was founded due to the founders deep connection to their homeland. They recognized a problem that caddies, golf clubs and many golfers had. Scotland is the capitol of golf, but it has a problem when serving multitude of golfers coming from oversees. They need caddies that would guide them through golf courses, but have no official ways of booking them. On the other side, caddies have no clear way to advertise and look for clients. Then in the middle of it all are golf courses, who need to serve as middleman, offering caddies to golfers and connecting them, without really earning any money doing it, using their time and resources on something that should be much easier.

LocalCaddie aims to be that middleman, that takes the responsibility out of golf clubs, gives caddies possibility to advertise, and show when and where they are available, and finally give the golfers the option to pick a caddie by themselves. Based on reviews, fee, time and place when they want to play.

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LocalCaddie is...
a simple, yet useful idea, making it a real nice project to make, since it aims to make golfers hobbies more accessible, and gives caddies a better, more convenient and sure way to earn money, whether it is their full-time job or a part time hobby with benefits.
Client Problem

Client knew the scope of their project well, but wanted to start with a sensible MVP, that would allow them to gather funding from golf courses that were already interested in the project, and secure some government funding.

We had to help LocalCaddie team to clearly set goals for the MVP, so that it could be completed in their limited time scope. On top of that they had a limited budget to complete the MVP.

Nevertheless, we had a clear picture of what needed to be done after few meetings with the client, and have confidently set up a MVP goal to be achieved in 6 weeks. All this while having in mind that we need to deliver in product that would scale easily and could be developed and maintained further when additional funds and investors are secured.

Challenges for 2N
The biggest challenges were:
  • Time constraints
  • Limited client budget
  • Setting up realistic MVP goals
  • Programming had to start before designs were ready
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The client had a limited scope in mind for the project (MVP), but also limited time and budget. Time was a concern cause they had to present a demo in time for the government funding, and golf club investors were expecting a demo around the same time. This meant very strict and tight deadline for us.
What we did

Setting the scope

We started by helping the client decide on what should be included in the MVP and what should be left for later.

Choosing the right tech

With the limited time we needed to choose the right tech stack that would allow us to deliver the MVP in time. However we couldn't just rush it, and had to have future scalability in mind and the need to further the develop the app after MVP.

Integrate with Stripe

Ease of payments from goflers and payout transfers for caddies are crucial to the app. Stripe was chosen as the best solution for this and the integration was smooth.

UI/UX design

We designed the app from scratch with client input and guidelines. We had to make sure the app was easy to use and understand for both golfers and caddies.


We made sure the app was responsive and looked good on all devices, despite many different screen sizes and resolutions and some additional problems, mostly on Apple devices.

Communication with the client

We were in constant communication with the client, making sure we were on the same page and that the app was being developed according to their vision. We were always ready to suggest and discuss best solutions, since we believe that mindlessly following instructions rarely works best for any of the sides.

Development alongside design

Due to time constrains we had to develop the app alongside designing it. This meant we had to be very flexible and ready to make changes on the fly, along with being able to create backend code without the knowledge of frontend using it. Code had to be agnostic to the frontend, and we had to be ready to change the frontend without changing the backend.

The MVP is a ready-to-use product, that could work in production at any given time, but for now the client prefers to use the demo version to gather more investors and secure government funding to develop the application into something a bit more than they first assumed. Due to seeing the potential of the app and the speed of the development, they decided to use the quality MVP to further boost their potential to make it into a profitable, and easy to maintain system that solves a local problem.
What we accomplished:
  • Admin system to manage all necessary data.
  • Hosting a demo environment
  • Booking system
  • Calendar feature for caddies
  • Payments and payouts system
  • Specialized onboarding
  • Flexible search system
  • Elegant and scalable design
  • Quality assurance and testing

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