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Brave Kids Festival


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About Client

Song of the Goat Theatre is a Wrocław-based alternative theatre founded in 1996. The theatre organizes numerous artistic and educational initiatives aimed at children and young people. This is because pedagogical work is integral to the Theatre's mission and vision. One of the initiatives is the Brave Kids Festival, which is an original model of creative work that enables children and young people to develop their talents and freely collaborate artistically.

For more than ten editions, Brave Kids Festival has served as a cultural melting pot, uniting hundreds of talented young artists from all corners of the globe. With each successive edition, the festival has grown significantly, increasing its impact on the international arts community and supporting interactions that stretch beyond territorial borders.

About the project

Our collaboration with the organizers of the Brave Kids Festival was made possible by Tech To The Rescue - a global networking platform for tech companies and non-profit organizations to work together to deliver pro bono technology solutions.

The primary objective driving our collaboration was the development of a user-friendly content management system (CMS) crafted to serve as an informative gateway for users. The aim was to create a dynamic platform capable of communicating essential information regarding past and forthcoming editions of the Brave Kids Festival. Additionally, the CMS was designed to showcase a spectrum of Song of the Goat Theatre events, ranging from performances to workshops, facilitating engagement and participation. Through this collaboration, we aspired to empower users with comprehensive insights, fostering a deeper connection to the festival's ethos and offerings.

Clients Problem
Faced with the challenges of the pandemic, the organizers of Brave Kids Festival, represented by Song of the Goat Theatre Association, encountered a significant slowdown in their activities. The inability to organize live theatre events and invite artistic groups from all over the world required a strategic turnaround. Faced with these obstacles, they saw an urgent need for an innovative approach to connecting with those passionate about their work. In response to these circumstances, they began exploring alternative ways to engage, looking to adapt their efforts to the changing landscape of online communication.
Challenges for 2N
  • Facilitating smooth incorporation of various content types
  • Adapting to evolving requirements: throughout the project
  • Catering to different user interests
  • Balancing flexibility and usability
What we did

Crafting a customized CMS

We’ve developed a robust CMS in Ruby, meticulously tailored to meet the specific information needs of the festival organizers. Additionally, we integrated features for managing articles, projects, films, events, artist groups, media, contacts, partners, and sponsors.

Enhancing UX and Content Integration

We’ve created a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation and interaction with festival-related content. Moreover, we ensured seamless integration of diverse content to cater to the varying interests of our users.

Insightful Collaboration

We collaborated closely with the festival organizers, delving deep to acquire a thorough understanding of their needs and preferences.

Centralizing Brave Kids Festival Content

As a team, we established the web application as the central repository for all Brave Kids Festival-related content.

Our experience highlighted the critical nature of responding to different needs. Recognising the multi-faceted nature of our user base, we sought to design a platform that could cater for a variety of interests and preferences. We were able to implement responsive web application to meet the changing needs of our customer and meet their specific requirements, thus supporting a more inclusive and engaging user experience.
What we accomplished:
  • Developed a user-friendly CMS tailored to customer’s needs.
  • Integrated diverse content types, catering to varied user interests.
  • Established the web application as the central hub for all festival-related content.
Whad did the client say:
We were impressed with 2N IT’s professionalism and personable approach.
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